Ageism and dating Newsflash: Older Men Don’t Want Women Their Own Age

Ageism and dating, who chooses who and why?

2. It Fosters Unnecessary Restrictions

Well Matt, I had to backtrack to read this one, glad I did. At any chronological age there will be those with an older or younger mindset I not only never said that, I said the opposite.

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One of those is ageism. Even if that difference is based on age.

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Click here to cancel reply. Age really comes down to personal taste and people are allowed to like whoever they want.

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He was a control freak. Thats not ageismits biology!. I also know plenty of peers like this too but I think New York ageisms and dating the mentality of go go go go or you are a loser. We just have a hard time finding one another, so we online date and then wish we could set ourselves on fire afterward.

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How about just sitting at home, surfing the web, watching TV, perhaps reading a bit, cooking simples meals, screwing and, heaven forbid, just conversing? But you know, everyone ages, everyone gets wrinkles, everyone has baggage.

I reacted as I did. June 22nd, at 3: Maybe he knew what he was doing? Yeah and everyone is as comfortable taking those ageism and dating walks on the beach in jeans and a t shirt as they are in a little black dress! So guys are not the ones who created this pheonomenon. Unless you're highly mercurial, and ever willing to change to suit your suitor's felt needs. Stop playing the ageism game in dating and play the love game with an open non-judgmental heart instead.

Women looked at the profile and picture about 50— I just smile and nod. Where are these slim middle aged men you speak of? Meet people in your community dedicated to mindful living.

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When the time comes, I know I will get the strength to do what I have to do. They are fat, and at the same time they act like ONLY they can have anybody in the world. I find them to be more fun to ageism and dating to and a whole lot less drama. June 3rd, at 9: I would have liked a guy 10 years older, to be honest in the past, not now that I have my guy.

Yes, this includes women like Olivia Wilde and Anne Hathaway who, in not so many words, have been told they're "too old" to play a desirable, sexy character. You should really see about turning your blog into a book or writing for a living at least on the side. Most guys are too nice to say it like it is. Elephant, twice voted 1 in Green, ageisms and dating its 1st Eco Home guide: Sure, some younger women have their issues too.

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What it really comes down to in the end is compatibility. You are also in a dream world if you think older men are slimmer, really too funny. I knew exactly what Joe was getting at. I wonder if he knew I was older than him?