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The site is dedicated to punksemos, gothsrockers and all types of alternative people. If you know what discrimination is, you'll know that what I was referring to was discrimination. Razor I'm going to leave it with you here, we are just going round in circles, and that's doing us no favours I have explained this above "I care because like you said, I'm passionate about Goth! I never said the Cure were not Goth! Customized search Membership to our free online goth dating site offers customized search to match your preferences.

Oct 20, - TrollSkank.

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When I was looking, one of the biggest turnoffs in dating profiles for me was seeing long, long lists of bands or movies the guy liked. One which, I might add, ultimately became the pablum Emos like yourself can safely digest while attempting to boost your elitist clique chic cliches over other pablum-ier outfits not up to your faux snuff, Positive Punk WHA?

PoisonJohnny I am so far off in being interested "getting at you", the thought is laughable. I've gotten adds from attached women's single friends. Well I tell you one thing the goth crowd has going for it Because you can consider yourself Goth through the clothing.

Then we will have to agree to disagree. Usually it's just through the club scene, local online non dating scene communities, etc. So for all intents and purposes, goth and it's subgenres are all one and the same.

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Change that to Jewish vegans, and you're looking at less than 1 in 1, Americans. You at least are in a position to talk from actual knowledge and memory, unlike the erroneous recategorizations of these latter day revisionists who weren't even ovum then.

Elitism is alt scene goth dating forum discrimination, regardless of your intention. New members are joining every minute.

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You and anyone else can be Emo, Punk, Metal head etc, and can belong to those by all means, but your not Goth if you don't actually listen to the music, which seems to go over peoples heads because they vehemently feel the need to cling on to a label alt scene goth dating forum we wouldn't be having this debate. It came more from glam than from any kind of grave robbing.

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The compulsion and tendency towards rhythm and melody also supports this. Save it for later. As for proving anything, as I've said how many times now? People of all backgrounds come to this punk dating text messages for her site, but they all share a common interest in punk rock music.

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I'm not on the Goth site. I can't afford to make it worse.

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Why aren't you announcing the reporting of anyone else and singling ME out? Because it leads to a great deal of confusion, and if your in it for the right reasons, why would you do that? Of course, this is more just a "don't worry" comment than a "how to find them" one. There arn't any goths on the forum. Kitts and Nevis St.


Nov 1, - TheAngelOfAnarchy. It wasn't for him. Oct 31, - Miniature Satan.