Aquarius man dating a taurus woman Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

Aquarius man dating a taurus woman, aquarius man - taurus woman love compatibility

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When I show my true self they got shock. We spent five years loving each other and spending time literally side by side continuously for days, or even weeks at a time. On the other hand to those that are struggling in thier relationships with an Aquarius partner I understand because I'm a Taurus woman and my bestfriend is an Aquarius man I've had feelings for, for quite sometime.

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Time literally stopped when he shook my hand and looked through my eyes for the first time. I know love should be soul-body-mind, and we could develop into something very nice. I'm not the one to put pressure on anyone.

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Walk or do shit. In the beginning it was amazing; then ALOT of rocky roads.

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It started off really well. These men are prone to success and money, which attracts Taurus females even more.

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Both these signs are capable of intense focus which passes for passion; however, it will be toward, in the case of Taurus, material possessions, and in the case of Aquarius, The Cause. My professional life has taken a whole new dimension and he is the one who pushed me to this He opens up when you give him his space and when he feels it?

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They are both inventors and are able to create new ideas, even if they both have different purposes. She likes the comfort of her home and works hard to create stability.

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Wow the person you described sounds exactly like an Aquarius male in his fifties with the initials J. Is it his fault your life is in shambles or yours?


He even rejected me at the beginning because of my "player" reputation. I guess that is why my vain self kept trying. This is one sign combination that can have a high degree of genuine friendship which Aquarians value above everything else. I also have a Aquarius man guide and Taurus woman guide which contain a lot of dating diaries toronto and answers related to this relationship.

My time is very valuable I work, have class, kids so texting is convenient for me. Im a Taurus woman and I just started to date an Aquarius man.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Which obviously isn't good but it lures me closer to him.

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So I gave him space, it? As a Taurus, I do possess those stubborn, possessive and obsessive characters and as an Aquarius, he needed space which I couldn? In reality I think the idea of someone completely fulfilling all your needs is a fantasy in itself.

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We do hook up cb radio your home ask for much…we are just unbendable in these three things. Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility: I would always look up Taurus readings, Taurus Aquarius readings, but never Aquarius readings.

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She will want to understand his ways. I denied him the opportunity to "just be friends" as aquarius man dating a taurus woman. We started to have all those little fights.

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And yes even though I don't like the idea of it, it is very possible he might get bored with me and move on, but that's a risk just like any other relationship in life. Because of this I have been putting off marriage because I feel like it will turn into a divorce as I am so ready to walk away most of the time because the relationship seems so cold and WRONG. His love became inconsistent. My man is very affectionate with me behind closed doors just how I like it and when we're out, he treats me with the high respect that I know I deserve.