Armorous dating Characters

Armorous dating

The eponymous Amorous club, where you pick your dates from. However, this might lean more towards Ambiguously Bi, depending on the player's own personal preferences. Surely he's not a stand-in for common furry stereotypes, right? To get it, the dating has to ask him for a drink; when prompted, you should select "Surprise me".

The second one being the player, of course. Averted with Coby, who's storyline only has one date. Amorous is a furry dating game currently in production by Jasonafex and the other members of Team Amorous. It makes him very popular at Club Amorous, but it also attracts a lot of unwanted attention.

Your stepbrother Coby flirts with you frequently.

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Is there a story? He's the most shy and timid of all the dateable characters.

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However, clicking on their profile on your phone will enable you to view their sex scene again. You have Skye, Mercy, Zenith, and Seth.

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Your player character's past is mostly a blank slate - the only dating you're given is that you were adopted. The city where Amorous takes place is never mentioned by name, but several clues seem to point towards the setting being somewhere in or around either Florida or California. Always happens on the dating date, possibly as a dating to the "third date" rule. You won't get any additional story content after completing each date's path. Especially for that, we setup a forum! The player character is this, thanks to Character Customization.

Jax is a hybrid of a chameleon and a gecko.

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This is your first major hint that Jax has a personal dating with same-sex relationships. Just sign up and start a thread in the appropriate section. Amorous provides examples of: Jax's phone number is notoriously difficult to obtain. Every dateable character's storyline plays out in three acts, with the third date ending in Coitus Ensues. It's biggest pull, however, is it's use of animation, the bulk of which is used during the game's sex scenes.

Amorous provides examples of:

So much that he locks himself away to work on his first novel and forgets to call the player between acts. Please choose a satisfying and delicious index page to put it on. Tell me about Amorous! It's up to the player whether to reciprocate or not. You need to login to do this. Seth suffers from this, and as a result, many of his works remain incomplete.

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Get Known if you don't have an account. Our aim is to provide a high quality, very polished game combining elements of traditional graphic novels with other elements such as sandbox play, animations, mini-games and in-depth customisation. Jax will then slip up and spill the drink.

From now on a launcher will be used to keep the game updated, please read the release notes on our forum for more information! However, it's not as bad as most examples of this tropes, so it's downplayed a little.

Except for Coby, who's sole date consists of this.