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I feel like he was so cool and sweet and understanding, and you were so awesome going back to clean it up, that I wanted this story to end, "And now we're a couple.

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After we started hooking up, someone knocked on the door super loudly. Nothing more happened unfortunately, I think I might have asked her back to my dorm, but the next morning feeling pretty good about myself I started looking through my clothes. Posted Dec 03 - So, of course, this is when his roommate walks downstairs and asks for a condom.

We hooked up and I fell asleep. TL;DR pooped in the bed of a guy I really liked. I somehow read that as "perioded all over his head" and I was really disappointed by the story.

Once he's naked, he takes me to his room, and makes me give him a bj. I was so drunk it felt like a dream.

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I went over his house and slept over. Railing my girlfriend over the washer, dad opens my daughter dating drug dealer door.

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When it was time for him to drop me off back at my house…well, I guess we left his radio on too long…his car battery was dead. She had piled all her dirty awkward hookup stories in the closet to make her room appear clean, so i couldn't quite close the door, much less get my pants on. I also ran into a coat hanger when I went to take an after-sex piss, which nearly poked my eye out and left a nasty bruise. She offers to go back to her place, off we go. John persuades the girls to flash us, and he makes a move on Vicky's tits while they're out, and she enjoys it.

25 Awkward/Embarrassing/Weird Hookup Stories Revealed.

It's here that I should mention that the school I was attending is in a very small town. I love the writing and the photos. I have a few, but this one is particularly shameless: I did not have my phone, so when I woke up the next morning, I used the guy's phone to contact my friends.

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Share On sms Share On sms. Me and Liz end up awkwardly alone - I consider her too hot for me so I don't do anything - then we leave the awkward hookup stories and to my awkward hookup stories she moves on me, and we end up making out a bit and buying some gross food.

Was talking to this girl in college, finally got her alone and naked.

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I awoke, god knows what time, lying in his single bed, cramped against a wall, with the guy leaning directly over me and shaking me furiously. Needless to say he thought the plop sound was me taking a huge dump until he later realized it was me actually using his razor to shave the rest of my vagina. What was I to say, no? Take a study break and read about some of the hilarious hook ups that have occurred across campus here at Bucknell. Don't have an account?

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Skip to main content. My phone had died in the night so I plug it in. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. My dog was in the room and he was looking me in the eye the whole time. Share On stumbleupon Share On stumbleupon.

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When we were both fully clothed and driving away from where we got caught, we realized it was actually church parking lot. Once we were back on campus, the guy invited me back to his friend's house for a party.

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Part of him not flipping probably comes from the fact that he was an EMT in a college town and dealt with drunk girls a lot.