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Bentley University 15, tie. But at the end of the day, some people get a thumbs-up and the other ones go home. It seems like everyone is just looking to hook up, and as soon as they find out that I'm not interested in just another hookup they go running like I'm trying to cuff them on the spot. Even at schools that are majority female, the dating scene is tamer when the gender gap is smaller. Now boasting a 2: I thought the surprise was the lack of a job market.


I don't like hook ups or sex with semi-strangers. Don't have an account? Granted, I would like a guy closer to my age, but I also wouldn't necessarily want a serious relationship.

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University of Southern California 8. My point is that I've tried, but I'm not good at flirting or any of that. But this time I'm actually trying to establish a relationship with someone instead of immediately jumping into bed with him, and I feel like it might be headed somewhere. StoreStatSource ezflaun, 47, 0.

A rare thing for me! Avoid places their adepts usually hang around like bars and clubs. You're bound to have a blast no matter what, but surviving college won't be easy. It's like all the dating culture has kind of passed by me. Engineering majors are in school a lot- we did a lot of classes, study groups, best college dating scene studying in the engineering buildings, etc.

I'm the odd one out in this case and the only one using Tinder, so I'm not sure how typical my experience is. At my campus, people stay away from girls and guys who want to be in relationships right away so we just were friendly and a little flirty with the ones we liked a lot. I say it's because I'm fat.

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College is about exploration, right? Long term relationship here.

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There are a handful of couples within the student body. But don't forget to branch out and join best college dating scene organizations, too — you never know who you'll meet! Our articles for college students feature university rankings of U. I'm pretty much keeping my goods locked up for now. I know it's hard, but try to let it go - you don't want it to ruin your college experience because you're miserable about it. But all of my friends are in relationships, somehow. It's a totally foreign concept to me, and always seems like such an alien thing whenever it's brought up.

University of Mississippi 2. I think that no one is willing to admit that they like relationships so saying you want one up front results in people running.

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At least you were crystal clear with her though, but I doubt she left you not feeling hurt. One thing I recommend is thinking about internet dating scams list kind of guy you'd like to be with, and then thinking about the different majors at your school and what it takes to do those majors. I go to a large state school known for partying.

The idea of it gives me anxiety actually! I'm still with mine, 13 years later, and we've been married for 2 of those years.