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Having a hard time picking a name? There are several other indie-type bars within walking distance you can hit up as well.

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Vintage vibe with some good cocktails. I've been to a couple of meetups and met some cool people, but everyone that I met there kind of flaked when I tried to make any plans later.

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Have you tried joining a sport or activity such as Underdog or any of the groups on Meetup? On the plus side, I now have a complementary Hz test tone in my left ear.

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Single men greatly outnumber single women in Seattle Chart: Check this place out! Hard to access, but if the music was quieter, the couches would be best hookup spots in seattle for other nights.

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It might increase your chances of having sex. Heavy on the saison and sour family, which is nice to see.

News and current events in & around Seattle, Washington, USA.

Sperling said he has an inkling that Seattle singles may not be the happiest customers around. All of us young singles will be out and about.

The Belltown district is young and upscale with the greatest concentration of nightlife, and we met some women there who broke the Freeze stereotype. Seattle is a tech city, with Microsoft and Amazon among the biggest employers, and it recently prompted a frustrated Census analysis by a single male tech consultant there. Places with dancing are always your best bet though. As if being single in Seattle doesn't suck already.

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For drinks, Rob Roy is a chill cocktail bar in Belltown that has ample sex appeal. The ambience, too, sets you up for a romantic night. Go early to hang out with some friends. Madison Park Beach is a popular hangout, as are the local dog parks and the beer garden at Seattle Mariners games. Who doesn't love eating with their hands!?!

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A lot of bars tend to be very Seattle freeze but these are some friendlier ones that I know of. Also, keep an eye out for music festivals, a big best sugar momma dating site in Seattle — the Capitol Hill Block Party goes from July this year. Come try some of the all new happy hour cocktails!!

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Cheap drinks also, fooda variety of music and couches, tables, rest-stations and bar seats galore. Had a great experience here!