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Pump and dump dating women ultimately responded to men who they felt put effort into writing long, personal messages as opposed to quick notes. We have so much in common. Their problem was the opposite of mine. After the end of my test run with Craigslist casual encounters, I decided to get more insight into the female experience with the site by interviewing two women who said they had successes meeting up with men on Casual Encounters.

MadMav March 11, at Similar to answer 25 above. I don't meet anyone from the Internet. Have a good one. They advertise "French lessons" — an odd thing to advertise under "Casual Encounters," don't you think?

Most guys say they are great or a gentleman. Well, it's obviously a euphemism for something else.

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I will drive to you but you must also be able or willing to travel to me and to some equal extent. Girls love a sense of humor. If you are looking for an ATM Machine to finance and "spoil" yourself look somewhere else. Relationships especially "successful" ones require enormous time, energy and effort from both man and woman. Or at least, they said they were women.

It won't get you far with me.

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This treasure chest only has "respect" for childless women. Why does this ad work? I observed that for every ad a woman posts, there are at least 20 from men. If you contact me it will be assumed you have read, understood and agree with everything on this page. If you have a negative expectation, the results will be the same.

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At least, not yet. I call being the manager! The focus and priority is on the "person" not their distance.

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It turned out that most of the ads were fakes from scammers, and quite a few fell into another category all together. I made it very clear in my post that I was only interested in women, but a large number of men chose to ignore that.

I'm not in California.

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However, she was looking through Casual Encounters and saw an ad from a man, and she recognized his writing style — it was her old client! If your email message is best of craigslist online dating does not include all 6 items aboveignorant, disrespectful or sarcastic you will NOT get a response. What kind of shoes are you wearing anyway? That's what I mean.

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I also find that most girls tell me they are a "Good Girl" too or "Worthy and Deserving" but often that's not the case either. We're using cookies to improve your experience. It's a last, best hope for some people who are looking to make a personal connection, but it's full of spam, unwanted attention, crime, and, well I want to find someone close to me or in the same city.

Are you cool with meeting someone that wants to be "just friends"? Put another way, Craigslist casual encounters is a sexual microcosm of the rest of the Internet.