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Best places to hook up in mumbai

Another place, which I found was really very cool, was Nightlover, which is out on Sakinaka rd, in a hotel called Sun and Sheel.

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The girls are willing to do anything, if U tip them Rs. It has the best girls in Mumbai.

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They were very beautiful and clean by Indian standard.

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Despite the fact that it's located inside a mall, which at first glance would seem an odd choice of address, Matahaari is proving a hit with the kind of A-listers that made its predecessor Hype such a success. Check this place out at Colaba 5 min after Sassoon docks. Their eyes were permanently turned towards their own reflections in the mirrored walls behind the chairs. Suddenly I got an idea as to lets go to a Dance Bar. Kennedy Bridge, opera house - I would like to share my experiences at this place near Kennedy Bridge at opera house.

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This place is out in Goregoan link rd. Where are sex joints in Mumbai? Space Garden in Juhu and the one outside Mira Road station.

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Two special VIP tables -- Den 1 and Den 2 -- even have gadgets built into table tops that will display your name, a personal message and your customized menu for the night. There's also The Den that isn't so strict and has good stuff usually.

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The area is easy to find- there is a local train station at Falkland Road. The really good ones rent out at Rs for a night. Days have gone when there were shy Indian girls, But still in this fastest growing Mumbai, culture is always respected by major Mumbai women.

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The place to reach them are 1. This article was previously published in They will charge you Rs.