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Es werden 5 meiner Favoriten kommen, und ich werde dir Fragen stellen. Who will you date from the Black Butler series? I must say, I'm quite flattered What do you do?

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For Girls - YouTube Kuroshitsuji: Finding songs to fit with the characters was kinda hard so sorry if there not that great: Black Butler Dating Game - So me and my little brother were playing some Black Butler dating games and he wanted to make one, so here it is: Okay so I lied Er sollte wissen, was er will und er soll mich immer zum lachen bringen. It's after hours and you are spending the night at the Trancy manor.

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I made this before I knew about Beast and Joker and basically the circus arc. Claude, what are you doing?

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Black Butler is about a butler who is a little more than he seems. Leave, I want my privacy Alois: Das ist mir Schnuppe: Prince Soma offers you some curry.

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What anime character are you the child of? I suppose I could have thrown in Hannah but I got lazy. No you sick pervert!

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Your kindness results in him taking a fancy in you. Nein, das ist mir egal.

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