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Brittany and trevor dating, brittany raymond is rumored to be dating a new boyfriend; how true is this?

Hey Brittany and Trevor have you ever had a complicated situation in real life. Love your number 1 fan Annie.

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Where do you have to live to join the next step and how old do you have to be? During one of her interviews, when Brittany was asked if she choose dancing or acting, she replied.

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Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman are co-stars of the show who appeared as Riley and James respectively. Raymond was also asked if she chooses dancing or acting and she replied:. Thank you so much. I love the next step seriously!! Right now I just do ballet soon I will be doing jazz and tap I think.

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What's the Story behind this? The year-old former adult actress turned drug mule was arrested in last August in Australia after the border authorities found more than 30 kilograms of cocaine in her suitcase.

Yeah, I believe so. Hi Brittany and Trevor.

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Are you guys dating irl? I have a question can your tour come to Tassie pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! Iv had some acting experience but I used to do dance, but then stopped because I got kinda busy with school and all. Right now I love hip-hop and breakdancing. I was a dancer myself for 11 years, I did Jazz, Ballet and I tryed Tap for a year but it was not really my thing so I just stucked to jazz and ballet!

I also like to dance and you both really inspired me.

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I wish I was like u. Brittany Raymond is a Canadian actress and dancer who is well known for portraying the role of Riley on the Canadian reality series The Next Step.

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Really going to miss you in season 5! Is Brittany Raymond single or Married? Brittany Lynn Raymond is a dancer and actress who is best known for playing the role of Riley on the Canadian drama-reality series 'The Next Step'. It was in season 1 for some reason… And I told you: Hi guys I love your show. I just hope that you two are dating in real life because you guys are perfect together.

Biggest fan ever are you guys in real life I watch the because of you please answer me everyone wants to know. Hi, I really like how you dance and that you brittany and trevor dating look like your having fun, I bet you are. I think acting is something that you can take forever.

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We also get stuff through social media. It got a huge hit with generally amongst young fans. Hello Brittany,I told you I would explain the dream to you.

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How many hours did you devote to dance? Recent from Entertainment Pictures Social Media.