Can early dating scans be wrong Can an ultrasound be wrong about your due date?

Can early dating scans be wrong, new to mumsnet?

If this is your first visit, check out the User Guide. For instance a dating scan done at 6 weeks could get the date wrong five days either way.

This board covers the first trimester of pregnancy up to week I know my doctors have my due date wrong.

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I will see what happens at my next appointment in a few days. Not 11 weeks and due June 20th. Register for free to chat in our forum and access your local Netmums site. Not sure how cookies work? So Its gotta be right then x. I went for my "12 week scan" 2 weeks ago to be told i was 10 weeks.

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When should I call my doctor with a pregnancy concern? But when I had the scan she was adamant I was weeks. Reviews home Product reviews Pregnancy and birth products Baby and toddler products. All I know is they radiometric dating absolute dating saying my due date is October 3rd or 5th or something and I keep saying the baby is coming out between September 22nd and September 27th at the latest.

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Or if you are looking for other members with babies due at the same time, pop in to our Pregnancy and Due Date Clubs forum where you can meet other mums who are due when you are. Look though our numerous subject specific forums or feel free post about anything you want to chat about.

England's heaviest twin boys EVER have been born Shop Til You Drop. None of these sizes corresponded to my dates as I know EXACTLY when they were concieved as we only had sex day 11 that one day during my fertile cycle.

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If you have any queries regarding the dating scan please contact us at info ghealth. Hi Laura My last two children's dating sacn put them about 10 days further on than my dates. I get to see LO again on Tuesday for my proper 12 week scan.

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I have 12 wk scan on 13th april!!! Yes weeks plus days.

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This cost is nowhere near the out of pocket cost if the scan were to be performed at a radiology practice. With all 6 of my pregnancies, only one due date was changed after the first ultrasound as that baby continually measured 2 weeks big.

An 8 week peanut is 3 times the size of a 6 weeker and looks like a little jelly baby with tiny little arms and a big head. People don't always ovulate at the same times.

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When I went for my 12 week scan they said then that I was more like 13 weeks and moved my date forward again in can early dating scans be wrong with my original thoughts. All Netmums in Chat in Local in Reviews. Ways to stay healthy during pregnancy, health tips for each trimester, what to expect during prenatal visits, and more. Sign In to Edit this Site.

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Often women ovulate 14 days before thier period is due. Let me know what your ex says when he reads this please lol. Twin 2 was slightly longer and even now, she is a little taller her than her sis. So dont worry if they have told you that you are a few weeks behind what you thought!

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