Can you hook up on your period Is Period Sex Okay for a First-Time Hookup?

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I really dont like being touched in a sexual way on my period it bothers me immensely and its creepy to me. Have sex in the shower. Just be honest with him and say "I have my period.

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Personally I would want to have the period sex. This year I found myself hooking up with a Media Bro who was rude in a really hot way.

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Even something as simple as having a late night chat about your hopes and dreams can be considered intimate. The hooking up on your period thing definitely boils down to personal preference. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Should my boyfriend know when I'm on my period? Have sex on a dark sheet.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful You seem remarkably calm about that. Lalaa Almansour Aug In general, as people get older sex ceases to be the Big Deal it was whenever we were first having it.

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A simple, "Eh, maybe you don't want to go there. Can I ask why you two cannot do anything because of your period? Just say, "oh, I'm on my period".

How Do You Tell Your Hookup That You’re On Your Period?

Maybe he's cool with doing it anyway, maybe he's not. Here, you'll find fun quizzes, freebies, giveaways, comics, surveys, and polls for teenage girls.

Just be strait up and tell him "I can't have sex because I am on my period".

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