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Thanks for answering my doubts about my Aries man.

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I love someone to be there,To call and say hello,send a text,Whatever. I love him more now than ever. Basic number of point out of a total of I am a 36 year old Aries man and my first wife was a Capricorn about 4 years younger than me. Now tbh, except the fear of Arien men in general, there is nothing wrong with him.

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We see each other about once every two weeks, its mostly just for sex, but now I am noticing I am developing more than just a sexual interest.

But everytime I get her attention. She manages her finances and accounts very nicely as this is his weak sector.

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In saying that, Cap really needs to be patient with an Aries man, and understand they are very emotional and impulsive, they make decisions without thinking things best free dating site for marriage, for example they may storm off in a fit of agression, say nasty things over something small that may hurt them. Very demanding and aggresive.


However I get rather emotionAl sometimes and become scared of losing her. This is where the issue falls and no matter how much I compliment him or give him attention, it is mostly dismissed by a joke.

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The Aries man ruled by the element Fire, meets the woman ruled by the element Earth. Then we moved in together and what a feeling it brought to share life together in our own home. He sees other women, ex women, new women.

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I guess i'm being insecure. The problem is they are both Chiefs and neither is an Indian. We do argue over how I show him more feelings than he does but yet the relationship still is intense as he does like all the attention on him, haha!! Yet I think the best relationships are about a bringing out the best in the other person and b learning from the other person and vice-versa….

She loved to hear me and I loved to talk about stuff. I was just browsing the aspects of our inner world, stumbling upon the comments: By their astrology symbols alone, the Aries man and Capricorn woman should be perfect for each other. He is beyond attractive, sporty, athletic, charmer.

After 3weeks I new he was the one. I was sure before the sex. Weather generated due to being together. When I gave in, he fell back. He is quite capable to taking the capricorn woman dating aries man off her but the only difficulty is that he thinks that she is being egoistic instead understanding the fact that she is donning the mask to conceal her problems.

This will make them great partners at work, as each will balance the shortcomings of the other.

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Yet he feels more safe with my rounding out his blazing trails. Tags aries aries male capricorn capricorn female love love compatibility. Husband, family and kids have always been important to her and she can make any sacrifice to set them right. Im a cappie known my aries man for two months. As a capricorn, I have always noticed that the "most compatible men" never truly are and are always big sissies who can't handle me. Honestly, he will not look anywhere else.

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But he just makes a completely different side of me come out. I was a virgin. Gritta, you are too old for a 13 year old. I have no clue with this Aries guy!