Chemistry dating site free

Chemistry dating site free

Soon he said he was working on a contract in Cape Town.

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I promptly tried to login to my account, but failed. I actually talked to two different individuals, one claiming U. They indicated hookup party the city and zip code were NOT mine.

Try the site free for 3 days Take the personality test Receive a free personality profile Create a profile Receive personalized matches every day Communicate with your matches for free Click Here To Get The 3-Day Chemistry. I went through their entire profile process, stating that I only wanted men in my city - they matched me with people from all over the country.

This is all based on Dr. So when you view a match, you can indicate that you are not interested in that member. So Mr Smooth tells a good story but if you keep careful details of the stories and then reinquire the details change To do that, you must take a paid subscription.

This company is not yet accredited. They have still left it open.

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Any further chemistry dating site free within this site ended with the same notice page. I seriously doubt I will ever see this money.

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I have asthma so requested non smoker, one of every three smoked. This is where it gets super scary. Their help page is very simple to follow and all aspects of your account and profile can be managed from this page. As you go on with the questions you come across a whole bunch of interesting stuff. If you update your profile, your updates may be put on the stream.

We spoke on the phone as well. All I want people to know from my experience is that these scammers are career criminals who've made a living as emotional predators seeking vulnerable, kind, and generous individuals to comply with and fall for their demands. July 28, I signed for a free chemistry dating site free site called, Chemistry. Your information are not protected.

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April 2, If I could give this website a 0 I would. All of a sudden I start getting emails from 'matches' on Chemistry. I will be a bit more diligent in monitoring my accounts as a result of this. This is such a bogus site.

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The free trial at Chemistry is more generous than the trial period offered by most sites, lasting for up to a week, which is more than sufficient time to determine whether or not you would benefit from getting a subscription to the site. I've since made sure to secure both my email and phone accounts. Furious, I tried to access my account with the intent of changing my password and resigning yet again.

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Select stars to rate your experience. Ruth of Chesapeake City, MD. For example, the "5 Card Sort" is where you select a category, then sort picture cards to see if you have the same personality and mindset.

Fortunately, the only personal information this scammer got out of me were a few pics of me, my email address, and my phone number. However, free membership only really gives you a taster as you will not be able to communicate with any of your matches.