Cigar smoking dating sites Women who smoke cigars: Would you date one?

Cigar smoking dating sites

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I can't smoke a whole one by myself, so I like to share. But never-the-less, most men, being men, continue to smoke their cigars, because let's face it: Now, if she is chewing thru churchills a day, and sounds like Barf from "You Can't Do That on Television" that would probably be a deal breaker. I'm partial to Partagas Black Labels.

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There's no need to try and hide the fact that you smoke; no need for mints, chewing gum or body sprays to hide the smell of tobacco. I love going to a smoke shop and picking them out!

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If you come to one of the tastings or parties, be prepared to be scrutinized. I think a lady who smokes a cigar instead of a cigarette is classy and sophisticated because there is so much to the art of smoking a cigar. I have had cigars with some attractive Ladies and yes they indulge like the guys so yes is my answer.

Oh, a couple of times a year, I'll indulge in a Macanudo Vintage Oh and I second that posters comment, but with a change.

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Cigar Passions gives people who are part of the Cigar community a place to find one another. I've smoked a cigar before, it was ok. Its an art from rolling it to storing it and even to smoking it. A woman smoking a cigar is sooooo sexy.

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I once smoked a cigar and it was the most digusting thing ever. Back in the '90's, it became very fashionable for women to smoke cigars.

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Cigar Forums allow members to post on topics of interest. I only get to enjoy a good cigar smoking dating sites a couple of times a year I thought and hoped you killed yourself, you little prick. I couldn't handle smoking anything - I'd be choking so much it wouldn't be at all sexy Sensitive bronchial tubes. Why are you always chastising women OP?

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