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Codd bottle dating, determining the age of old bottles

This bottle has no evidence of mold air bottle dating like the majority of tooled bottle dating soda bottles would exhibit which also indicates an earlier production. This bottle has a crudely applied mineral finish, pontil scarred base sand pontiland was blown in a post-bottom mold with no air venting in evidence - all attributes befitting the early age of this bottle.

Click Stewart Patent bottle dating to view a bottle which is visually identical in shape to the Roorbach pictured here; click Stewart Patent base to see the base of the Stewart bottle.

It could also date from the s also and would need local research on the company or glassmaker history to pin down the date more. Byhe had moved yet again to 41 Grace Church St. However, as noted above, gravitating stopper bottles were still being offered as late asthough bottles that conclusively date from that late have not been noted. This bottle has an applied tapered collar type finish common on that era of soda, mineral water and ale bottlesblown in a post-bottom mold lacking air venting, an improved pontil scar on the base and dates from about to von Mechow It is about 7.

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However, it was likely made in the late 19th bottle dating dating or even early 20th as European bottle making techniques were a decade or two behind American ones.

Our invention has as another object to provide in a bottle of the above character, means for supporting the ball valve out of obstructing relation to the pouring opening in such a manner that, after the bottle is returned to the bottling works, a brush may be readily introduced into the bottle through the pouring opening for cleaning the inside of the bottle. This is a combination of features that indicating a bottle manufacturing date of the mid to late s.

Later Crown Top ACL sodas These bottles constitute what is truly the "modern style" of soda bottles since variations of these types are very familiar to most people living today as they were used commonly until the s in the U.

Shape is one of the first indicators to look for when dating an antique bottle. As there were no glass manufacturing facilities in the West prior tothese bottles were blown at a bottle dating on the east coast and transported around the horn by sailing ship to San Francisco ToulouseHinson Romolo Amicarelli and William A. He too began to tackled the problem of the self-acting stopper and registered yet another patent with the U. Click on the following links for more view pictures of this bottle: Bottle dating is approximate and just intended to give a relative placement in bottle making history.

The Codd bottle was designed and manufactured to enclose a marble and a rubber washergasket in the neck. Some resemblance, I guess? The late s and early s was, however, the heart of the transition period from pontil rods to non-scarring snap case tools, one of which was certainly used in the production of this bottle.


Non-embossed examples of these bottles have been observed by the author and are possibly the same bottles advertised by this company. The company continued in existence until about Markota The author of this website has received many questions about these applied finish examples as they do not fit the bottle dating dating rules described on this site for applied finishes as the crown finish was not invented untilwhich is after the vast majority of U.

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The bottle on the left side of the picture is a "mug base" sided lower bodytall style Hutchinson soda with the embossing in a round plate, a tooled blob finish, and was blown in a cup base mold with no apparent mold air venting. Click on the following links to see more images of this bottle: Fig 12 The bottle blown with a hole in the neck to receive the valve that served to release the pressure.

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Click on the following links to view images of a ca. A nineteenthcentury mineral water bottle, dating before and discarded in the s at Holme Hale Hall Codd bottles and other mineral water bottles.

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Soda water was frequently bottled in heavy glass 8 to 10 sided bottles and rarely 6 or 12 sides. The Codd design is still used for the Japanese soft drink Ramune and in the Indian bottle dating called Banta.

After being mold blown the bottles were sheared at the neck and allowed to cool. Readers can nominate in 5 categories. His interest was in bringing rubber to the world. In order to open the bottle, it is held upright and the cap is screwed round until the joint between the rubber and the bottle is opened and the aperture or the slot in the screw of the cap or on the nozzle of the bottle, as the case may be, comes above the rim of the bottle, when the gas will immediately escape and the glass ball fall away from the rubber collar or washer, thereby enabling the contents to be poured out with ease.

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The ball was to be made of vulcanized India-rubber, lighter than the liquid to be bottled. When in this position it is vertically below the mouth of the bottle and in such close proximity to the elastic ring that when the bottle have been filled with aerated liquid and the mouth of the bottle is suddenly relieved from m pressure the gas rushing upward from the liquid in the bottle will lift the ball and carry it up to its seat, and so as to close the bottle.

There he joined forces with another would-be inventor, Dan Rylands. University of Huddersfield Preacher sang praise of God so loudly he disrupted lectures at the University of Huddersfield.

Taylor's patentwhich was - strangely enough - for a " bottling apparatus having an irregular lip or flange to fit irregularities of the mouth of the bottle as described in the patent.