Cs go matchmaking wh MODERATORS

Cs go matchmaking wh

Whether you win or lose, I think the further a match goes past 16 rounds translates into more than can be learned or stuff that can be practised live. When n people have to communicate among themselves, as n increases, their output decreases and when it becomes negative the project is delayed further with every person added.

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The report thing is really stupid. There was one exception https: GO devs have a strong hand in developing it. I've got wins so probably roughly matches and I'm only Nova 3.

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Some of them are smurfs, sure, and they can be annoying, but in some perverse way it is quite useful to have one smurf against you once in a while. The worst part is, that overwatch is utterly cs go matchmaking wh.

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These always existed and always will. In honor of the season finale of Game of Thrones.


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I'm nova 1, and queue with nova 3's and 4's.

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They could even reduce the Overwatch requirements and give low skilled players the blatant cheaters and give Overwatch-pros high rank, high conviction accuracy the more subtle ones. Problem is that good players are often reported for cheating, rendering this useless as it would just mean the good players and cheaters play together. I am talking about blatant cheaters that buy CZ75 every round, run to cat and perfectly prefire 2 shots into a dude's face then proceed to fuck the same dude's mother in the ass.

None of you pussies are kicking hackers on your team.

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Even in casual I'm running into one maybe every games. Tickets regarding extremely important issues such as account hijacking and money related problems, on average, take about a week to get a response. That wouldn't eliminate smart ass hackers who knows perfectly how to toggle trigger-bots and hide wall hacks and not get caught. Mid game he was on top, they were winning and all of a sudden he was kicked from the console and perm banned from all servers.

Cs go matchmaking wh

There really seems to be alot of cheaters lately. CS GO will expand upon team-based gameplay that it pioneered when was launched 14 years ago I'm talking past midnight for us, and since the player pool is relatively small this late and in Australia it means you get the cs go matchmaking wh people all the time, its all private profiles or 1 day old could be smurf?

If we're going to be so unrealistic why not take it a step further and get everyone to agree not to cheat. GO T2 Jornada 9 - E Please, not this way, but simply by playing 'legit'.

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And that is way more people than you'd expect, even those who don't cheat to win. My team and I were very happy about it, and only one from the Ts commented something about that guy.

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This is not only my experience, but most of my friends' as well. Knowing that he doesn't have any aim-helper I was very concentrated on playing so I didn't report him, thinking that I will report him after the match.

Just improve overwatch and give people something for doing that.

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Wallhacker banned while playing, blatant cheater is still playing. I would rather report them, and tell them play super blatant. Don't ask for proof, just go watch any streamer internet dating dubai MM.

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A close game is a thrill, usually if folks on the other team are level-headed results in earnest GGs and good post-game discussion for 30 seconds before everyone exits, and most importantly -- something learned. I agree had played with this guy https: How could they afford to make a better anti cheat system??? However this is quite controversial for many people that rather not have Steam needing drivers and system services running.

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