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Dating 78 records

Think about how they view an appraisal situation: Need to sell a box of records?

Docks does not like certain kinds of music, and his prices for such records are off, betraying his indifference. Nobody buys Guy Lombardo and Frankie Carle 78s.

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So what record company was there in New York that had masters such as SB? Different sellers get different prices.

There Are No Set Prices For 78s!

In early Victor changed over to the "Bat Wing" dating 78 records, named after the design on the top of the label. According to the book's title, Docks coversbut in fact he is too selective about pre records for the guide to be any good regarding pioneer records. Of course, not all experienced collectors like to give up their time to explain things to beginners who might give up the hobby next week or to beginners who collect for what might be regarded as the "wrong" reasons some people start collecting 78s only with the idea of buying cheap and selling dear.

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I think 78s from the s are the hardest to sell today for two main reasons: As I already indicated, his prices are often off too low. I suppose certain titles by Jesse Crawford an organ player are rare in that they are hard to find but they are worth nothing to me.

Discussing Value Is Tricky

But also engraved in the wax is the following text: If all you are interested in is just a copy in the best possible condition to listen to, it usually doesn't matter one way or another. It would soon move to the right of the hole and the words "Orthophonic Recording" would remain left of the hole. Docks writes in his Introduction, "The prices quoted in this guide are for records in excellent condition. A premium will have to be paid for a first-class copy of a rare Operatic vocal 78 if it is from the first stamper. An actual offer means something.


The best thing is to get on ebay and find out what that particular record or similar item sold for. For some reason, by the Gramophone had introduced a new system of indicating stamper numbers. The guide under-values many discs, listing B. I live in Northern California--are you near me?

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None of these records are for sale. When I buy 78s from people, I usually send an "empty box" to those datings 78 records ahead of time. The best way to try to explain all this to you is to give an example of a Victor and what happened to it when it came out on HMV.

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It depended mostly on the complexity of the groove. There are numerous other books I have yet to obtain. Are you willing to invest time and effort into finding those competing buyers?

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It wasn't worth the time and effort. There are many reasons why more than one take may be made.