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Dating a female photographer, 50 reasons not to date a photographer

Some will fuck the dudes because they want free work.

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You will write the story of your lives in images, have kids with strange names and even stranger tastes and take millions of pictures of them that you will never print. We yes, it includes me… lol always make every simple moment be extra special. Look at it this way: When you are not with your family, bring along your camera. No worries just liquefy it. Also, how much of celebrity magazines is true?

2. They have a very different perspective and their way of thinking is very clear.

Whenever out for a hike or a walk I get lost. Do male photographers have an advantage when it comes to dating attractive women? This can happen unexpectedly in the subway, at the bus stop, in the cab, at the coffee shop or while you are waiting to cross the street. Sleep is negotiable as long as the camera wins. Do not worry if your street photographer takes off in a hurry in the middle of a conversation.

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Want some washboard abs? I am sunsets, landscapes and street.

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Because he went off to London to shoot. This is satire, right? O so true, well written. Only the ones at which I show up.

1. They simply never say ‘No’ to random trips, as they will get some new locations to click.

Ok, so if other girls are so high maintenance that they expect you to use a dating a female photographer to drive her around, that is a far cry when it comes to dating photographers. They will appear not only less threatening but can even flirt a bit to get most anyone to get their picture. And you want to know if I get propositioned by my models? Give him photo opportunities for his birthday, for Christmas and for anniversaries. To improvise when we cannot agree, we go to the zoo. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like Trust me I know.

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Ask him if he got any good closeups. Do not complain about other subs here or post to push an agenda. Notes penrose-3eck liked this. Join Our Email Newsletter. Having a hard time picking a name? They use over priced Moleskine notebooks.


I know her husband of MANY years was consulted in the writing of it and they are quite happy. Never seen in happen in my dating a female photographer although I have seen the talent hook up with agency folk.

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That you can always try to shoot another image. They will spend all their money whatever little they have on buying books and gear rather than buying you flowers.