Dating a friends dad I'm dating my friends dad and...........?

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After about ten times, Mr. But it was never going to be easy. If she finds out that her friend and her own father have been lying to her, you can imagine how hurt and betrayed she will feel. Thanks for your replies. Believer in following your heart and the idea that whatever's meant to be will always find its way. It will be hard and it will be frustrating and painful at times, but maybe you could remain friends for a while so that your friend can get used to the idea of you and her dad.

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I dated a guy whose daughter was in my son's kindergarten class At the same time, I suspect, even sleeping with her dad, you are really a good friend and she was not hurt, at least until she found out.

This website uses cookies. First of all if your going to continue to see her dad you need to tell her whats going on, and believe me she WILL find out eventually.

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Eventually, I would talk to your friend and tell her the truth. He needed surgery to remove the tumour, but over the next year the operation was postponed several times and he was simultaneously diagnosed with a double hernia, which made it painful for him to walk.

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Needless to say, it was awkward around Stacey's mom since she used to dating a friends dad us cookies all the time and here I am flirting with her almost ex-husband. Do you really think she will feel comfortable with you dating her father? Has any of my fellow POF'ers been in this situation and what was your experience?

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I believe this is good for both sides. I have to realize that some people, sometimes those you may least expect, overstep boundaries.

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Being in a relationship should be joyous, but sometimes it's more complicated than that. In fact Maureen, 54, has become so fond of Steve that she is now paying for them to get married at Grays Register Office in October. I like him and I want to keep seeing him.

Don't have an account? Is it common to break lifetime promise between friends? You would avoid telling your SO if you cheated on them becuase you know it would make them angry, and selfishly, you want to hide it from them so you can have your cake and eat it too. Anyway you see obviously my friend doesn't know about it and she has set me up on a dating a friends dad date with her for valentines day but me and my boyfriendher dadwere planning on doing something special.

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BA would come sit on the couch with me. Before you freak out best hookup website 2015, I'm Please let me know if you would be interested.

Great story, and there is a lesson.

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I love how she encourages her children to be responsible for their relationship with their father. It's not fair that he's lying to his daughter. Then he left me and came back after a few minutes.

Do I just show up at the game with Bob and hope she doesn't flip out? You are certainly not allowed to surprise Stacey by showing up at Fenway Park on the arm of her dad.

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Five or ten minutes went by, but I could bare the awkwardness no more. Not because our kids knew each other so well, but 1 because he was a neighbor, and 2 his ex wife was a b! I raised my head and looked into the kitchen only to see my friend's dad walking through, he was fiddling with his blackberry and shifted his eyes to where my friend and I were laid out as he walked into the room.

BA would take me into the guest room and we'd have sex.

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