Dating a girl who has a lot of guy friends FACT: You should never date a female who's friends with a lot of males

Dating a girl who has a lot of guy friends, more in love

We typically project our own problems on other people.

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Never ever overthink things that others don't. Aug 9, 5. The point of what I am bringing up is not to say that a girl with a lot of guy friends isn't doing it to avoid drama. Every Thursday at 3pm. It's normally not an amount that is cause for alarm. A girl that I had previously hooked up with a bit, but never sex.

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There are multiple reasons and none of them are good for you. And most especially, she needs a Savior who can ultimately fulfill her. How the Korean Church Narrative is I'm a girl who has a lot of guy friends, primarily because I DO feel girls create too much drama, and guys are easier to be around. This is good advice. I don't get their insisting, like Onto said, delusion. A lot jelousy influenced minds translate this to: Girls who play sports don't necessarily fall into this category.

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What could be wrong with that? Anyone here have advice with this kind of stuff? Like me, you can have quality, long-term friendships with the guys in your lifeā€”but take the above cautions to heart.

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This is an archived post. But for the most part, they tend to make friends only with the male species.

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Some women do hope that men see them from the eyes up, but they are deluding themselves. Insecure women are needy, energy vampires. She seems cool because she's into all of that, which is okay, but that's not the issue here. When i say liar and can't be trusted i mean i would catch her in her own lies.

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