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Still, there are some tips that might make finding the right person easier. I work two jobs and go to school regradless of my CP.

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There are too few representations of disabled people living full, productive, happy lives in the media. Please assist the mods and report inappropriate posts, users, and comments.

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I worry she will never be attracted to my body that trembles with spastic muscles. A Title that summarizes the problem or question A Description of your situation.

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Any information you provide will only be used in accordance with our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. I'm not sure why anybody would necessarily need to know unless it is immediately obvious he's disabled.

It sounds like your guy will probably have a lot easier time physically though, since his disabilities aren't as severe as my ex's.

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Pure hypothetical here, but it's been on my mind tonight. Allow your partner to get to know you as a wholeand not just by what you physically can dating website love cannot do. How do you tell your family? Just like with anyone. I didn't like what I heard. I have a dating a girl with mild cerebral palsy who is a few years younger than me, and she's a really sweet girl who I've known for years, but she's been bummed out lately about the prospect of graduating college soon without ever having gone on a date.

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She's a great girl when I got to know her. So I am afraid I will, for the rest of my life, be absolutely terrified of the prospect of having to deal with somebody's disability. It funny thinking about how I was treated, because I am now reflecting on the fact that there may have been some level of self-sabotage on my end which ultimately led to some dating demise. I really had no idea what CP was. As for the sex, why not just wait and find out like you would with anybody else?

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He is a smart, witty and funny guy. Anyone seeking to talk, share and converse with others on the internet should research the dangers of doing so and comply with advice for personal safety measures. The way she talks and how she writes shows me that she is educated.

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For me to do it, I think I would have to develop feelings for her from being her friend. The Role of the Medical Community Prevention: But through being in various relationships, I have learned what it means to be in a relationship with someone who has a physical disability, specifically cerebral palsy.

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I generally don't mention it either.