Dating a guy with same name as ex Dating a guy with the same name as my ex is leading to trouble

Dating a guy with same name as ex

A name is a name. The title says it all: I once dated a guy whose surname was the same as my first name Already have an account? The poll says it all.

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I think the problem appears when you date a girl named Kio Xye Zeu Yau Hnd Len and she insists on pronouncing her full name correctly. After that I've teased her about it many times. It doesnt matter because you will start thinking of the new one and forget the old one so nothing will happen.

My girlfriend called me once Simon a guy from work. Which reminds me - Bondings, please incorporate a spell-check in the 'post reply' so we can be able to spell-check as we post. Although to me it does come a little weird I know you don't want people to polute the forums with smilies and fluff, but writing sentences starting with capital letters and worrying about style while posting in forums is not fun, it's like we're back to school, and most of all, it has nothing to do with the quality of the communication.

Of course I could.

But anyway, the name doesn't make the person, so I could date someone with the same name. Add your answer to the question "Dating a guy with the same name as my ex is leading to trouble" Already have an account? You can't think on your ex girlfriend for whole live, it must go on. Troops charged with murdering Iraqi civilian What do you want to name your child?

I will tip my hat to you though for that inspired piece of advice It would be ok if your ex had a more common name like Sarah for instance. I only have one ex, but I also have no bad feelings or grudges towards her because she's still one of my best friends. At least I did DatingTroubled relationships.

The first three girls I fell in love with all had the same name, to the point I asked myself if it was a malediction But today I met another girl with the same name. Oana is a romanian name btw.

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Login first Don't have an account? Actually, it's much better to free online dating chat a girl with such a name, just in case in a midst of datings a guy with same name as ex you called out your ex's. In general, I never really call him by his name and because of the common nature of this name, my friends and I call him by a nickname that he is aware if but not really fond of but eventually he picked up on the fact that i never use his name especially during intimate situations and he has told me that he really likes to hear his name from the woman he is with during sex etc.

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Dating a guy with the same name as my ex is leading to trouble Tagged as: I think there is no problem at all I was on a camping trip a few years back and we were in the tent and doing stuff. But I don't date by far as many women as other men do, so I imagine that if you had some I don't see a problem with it.

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If you keep associating that name with your ex and not calling your current bf by that name, nothing will change. You'll never get that name wrong anyway. There are only plus' in my eyes I definitely see no problem with that. And as was said, take everyone on their own merits.

Think about it its the Perfect Crime. Yea, after you first meet them saying the name might be a bit odd, but after barely any time you'd start to associate the name with the new girl in all liklihood.