Dating a singer 401a Singer Factories - Anderson, S. Carolina, USA

Dating a singer 401a

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Ryobi Corporation This was several years after the Elizabethport factory located in Elizabeth, New Jersey closed down on 1 December Singer opened the Anderson, South Carolina plant to manufacture the new slant model sewing machines, i. Art4vr, are you saying that you don't have a bottom to a portable case?

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What is the odds of finding a bottom, right, not good. You can look at the Machine Serial Numbers: I'm not sure I would ever be able to adapt to anything else after this many decades ; I'm looking for a dating a singer 401a foot to fit. And in time your 3 in 1 will create a glue that will require more work. Original owner purchase receipts confirm they were sold during the Centennial Year, Oct-Dec I was just reading your blog, and recall a very similar situation, just last weekend.

I had one of these once.

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I actually have the A in my office in a cabinet. Database and Original dating a singer 401a receipts confirm these serial numbers.

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Thanks to Richard, I now know why it was mfg the year I was born! I have this one as well as a and Bernina stipulated that the machine could in no way resemble their machine.

I am just a newbie at this, so hope this helps.

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What happened to the years,and Singer had to come up with a "winner". Now, blonde furniture hasn't been in style for quite a few years, so, if it was not just an empty cabinet, this held some promise of a vintage sewing machine. I see that the Singerco site states that NA serial numbers were manufactured in but I believe the was much later than that.

Shanett Rhow April 29, at One million NA numbers were allotted in for modelsA, A and A and appear to be used from to They were allotted in those years and only a selected few slant-needle models were actually made in those years.

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I'm really looking forward to trying out this machine once I get it back in couple of weeks. HI Ed, I recognize your name from past correspondence with you on one of the yahoo sewing machine groups.

I'll bet Lady Google can help you find the answer. The answer was the machine. After digging in the drawers and what I found were some patterns from the same era that are still good enough to still use. I am just exstatic that I was given such a beautiful machine.