Dating a tall man 12 Very Real Challenges of Dating a Tall Guy

Dating a tall man, it's basically impossible to lose him in a crowd.

He makes you feel like a dainty little Tinkerbell. Evening walks soon turn into cardio workouts for you trying to keep up with him. He has to lean down to your height and repeat everything.

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So they tell you about it all the time. So not going to happen. You never have a shortage of blanket.

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So you have found yourself the perfect guy, who incidentally is also about a foot and a half taller than you are? You always feel like you're rolling with your own personal bodyguard. He doesn't fit in your car. Even if you want to because he ate your Cheetos and those were your favorite and he knows it. Being the little spoon is the Best. Your calves are super-ripped because you're on your tiptoes all the time.

2. But at the same time buying clothes for him, is not less than any stunt.

Bark like a dog, Number 2. His forearms kind of dangle over your shoulders and your arms wrap around his waist like a two-year-old—because that's not weird.

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But you do look good when he clicks a picture from above and also shorter than you really are. He's hunched dating a tall man like Quasimodo; you're doing your dating a tall man prima ballerina tip-toe attempt The only way you can get a decent picture of you two is when you are both seated. Of course you won't protest.

By signing up, you confirm that you accept our terms of use and privacy policy. But he will lift you and put you on his shoulders in concerts. He tries to bend down as much as he can and you try to do your best ballerina tip toe. Check Your Email We have sent an email to the given address with instructions to create a new password. He's the designated lightbulb changer. After a trip to the mall with him, you will never, ever complain again about not being able to find pants that fit right.

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