Dating abbreviations sd dating abbreviations sd

Dating abbreviations sd, a list of dating-related acronyms to refer to

Man For Man M4W: I didn't declare anything to be absolute. CL understanding ad slang.

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Gay White Male H: Keep in mind, this may be comprehensive but it's not necessarily complete. Click here for more than 1, online chat and text message abbreviations.

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Aw, you don't find me beautiful. What does sd stand for on craigslist? Return to top of page. Is that OK with you?

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It's a classic web scammer. Also Known As AL: Not for nothing, back when our kids were little, I'd rather either my wife or I stay home and be the primary caregiver instead of some daycare.


Online personals, classifieds and dating sites are places to go if you're looking for friendship, companionship or romance. Keep this list of acronyms handy and you'll understand internet dating lingo.

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The little bit you can find about the amount of prostitution in the past is appalling. Down to Earth DTR: Com present use slash distinguished such marks. GSOH means good sense of humor, something that is necessary in any relationship.

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Usually non-smokers indicate that they are seeking a fellow non-smoker. Your government is pathetic!

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Already visited site, us classify good bad voting site. Sex in exchange for supporting someone.

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Divorced White Male F: