Dating advertisements funny 18 Hilarious Personal Adds

Dating advertisements funny, the 10 funniest commercials of all time

Built around an archetypal comic duo—Justin Long as the straight-man Mac, and John Hodgman as the bumbling-fool PC—the spots never failed to amuse. A home run on the biggest stage from a smaller agency and an all-but-unknown marketer.

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Sadly, none of these gained enough nominations to make it to our shortlist, but a few of them are worthy of honourable mentions. Apple, "Stuffed" Click to view. Thank you for subscribing.

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Matter-of-fact, Kaye datings advertisements funny her that "it's the burglars that break in through the windows" that she needs to be worried about. It serves as a poetic warning of everything we have to lose, with no viable Plan B.

Website users were also invited to submit their own suggestions for the ads they thought were the most funny. A master of deadpan, Lambert stole the show in every spot, including this one, where he imitates the majestic dating advertisements funny whale in his hotel room's comfortable—perhaps too comfortable—work space. Starburst, "Bus Station" Click to view. Amazing work by the actresses, who not only had to deal with an animal but a fully rotating set as well. A wonderful idea brought to life with exquisite CGI.

Asking for a friend. Among the highlights was this spot, lauding crappy guy dancers everywhere. Holiday Inn, "Whale Song" Click to view. Get the very latest news and insight from Campaign with unrestricted access to campaignlive. Yes, we left out about 17 dating advertisements funny other ads, probably including your favorite.

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But things take a turn for the downright bizarre when a John West fisherman enters the fray and starts fighting one of the bears, kung-fu style. Check it out on mobile for the full effect. And look for our full Best Ads of package coming in December.

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When the spherical missiles reach their target, the soldier turns goalkeeper, leaping like a salmon to keep out the bombs. In some cases, there was little to choose between the individual ads in each group. Perhaps surprisingly, a few names cropped up a number of times, and, from these, we produced a shortlist of nominations.

Mr Dresden and his assistant Elliot interrupt the rap star in his recording studio and ask him to consider changing the theme of his lyrics to focus less on sex and more on phone calls. But BK was thrilled with the one-time stunt, which was a major PR coup.

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However, Snoop Dogg's appearance, earlier this year, managed to make the regular film executives look more out of touch than they ever had before. Create an Alert Now. You are already subscribed to this newsletter. Perhaps more clever than side-splittingly funny, "fast-paced world" consistently appears in best ads lists. Leave your objections and insults—along with your favorite funny ads—in the comments section.

The occasion is interrupted by a call from his daughter, who has gone to bed and become frightened of the "wardrobe monsters" in her room.

This reversal of the Pygmalion story depicts a bepearled Sloane Ranger receiving an elocution lesson at the School of Street Credibility.