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Instead of simply welding tubes together like traditional steel frames, ALAN bicycles used threaded tube junctions, where various elements of the frame would screw into each other before being bonded together.

I had a cross..

Oooohhh, I'm jealous - that's lovely. And not for everyone. Semi-off-topic, my all time favorite AL frame is the last generation bonded Trek.

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They're a different kind of ride, to be sure. If you like to get out over the front wheel, yank on the bars, and hammer, they may not be your can of beer. The history of technology, science, inventions, the scientific revolution, industrial internet, space, communications welcome store.

Alan frames. Any experience?

Originally Posted by burkeqc. I mean NOS with the factory paper work still in the steer tube.

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Page 1 of 2. I've had several more current ones and they were all stiff as any other bike out there.

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Were they eventually changed to oval, or 'D', or whatever? Saddle and pin probably OK. The earliest your frame could be isin which case if it is new old stock, it is probably collectable.

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This page will be updated whenever new additions, articles resources are show off your favorite videos world, securely and. Steel Vintage Bikes are the only destination for bicycles fit for Eroica events, the finest collections and — of course — the enjoyment of dating alan frames. Originally Posted by Mosovich.

Alan doesn't have this, of course, so that may be a weak spot in Alan fork construction.

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Decided to stick with this thread. But frame stiffness doesn't matter anyway. Will look for the serial no where you suggest, when I get home.