Dating arab american man Arab Muslim guys!!! Are us non Muslim girls are just for practice?

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It's really upsetting how guys treat girls these days. I am married to a Hindu man.

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My father has been married to my mother for 36 years. I'm sorry about what happened. He also wants to marry me, but only an Islamic wedding for now. I have aspergers so it is hard forme to be in a relationship.

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I guess maybe you can tell its you who are the problem and that you are not wanted here because of your low morality so you should go back home and FAKE MORALITY with marriage and covered up wives who are actually your own first cousins!!!!! I am going to tell you the way i rate an American girl. I wanna say that not all Arab people are badbad persons are every where even in every house in this world you could find bad and good personsso its not about there is idea in some heads that Arabs are bad or its not good for Americans girls should be in relationship with Arab manI know some people from there and I have good times with them, and so they are.

Even more so the assumptions made. I have left the decision for us up to him for the moment I cannot make up his mind.

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How do Arab women feel about Arab men dating or marrying white or dating arab american man women? Last yearI was informed he is married but only on dating arab american man.

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I have been with this man for 6 years and have been living with him for over 4 years. At the time he finds a path to immigration he can then apply for a green card and get a social security number. I am married to an Indian Hindu man. So yeah there you have it. Is there anything particular mannerwise I should do or say, or not do or say?

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How should I feel? I think it's very admirable how family oriented they often are because that's something that's a huge missing part of my life so I'm drawn to that. I have never been abused in any relationship and in fact I am hyper sensitive to domestic abuse of all kinds.

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I fell in love with one- a Jordanian, he used me and dumped me to bring over a 20 year old virgin that his family had arranged for him 6 months before he ever met me. I flew for Emirates for 3 years and only finished recently. When there was a big earthquake he was the first one to call me and ask if I was OK. Hell in Denmark- even woman are the bread winners while men stay at home with the babies!

I did not bring him to US he came on a student visa for masters.

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I am a proud Egyptian and a proud Muslim so I don't really care. Question is I have been married before, divorced for 5 years with him for 3. Saudi Guy, I wish I could give you some insight into us American women. The assumptions about India and outrageous.