Dating bear kodiak magnum bear kodiak hunter serial numbers

Dating bear kodiak magnum, bear kodiak serial # ?

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As he approached with trademark smile of his, he chuckled as he said, "Boy I sure am glad that I am not paying for this stuff any more". One item that sticks out are the vintage Bear Recurve Bows.

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As you can see there is no "M" even though it is a magnum. We decided to break this up into 3 dissimilar auctions and started all three at.

But for now, sit back and enjoy our time capsule of the most famous dating bear kodiak magnum company of all time.

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Posted by best at 1: Then why are they so hard to find? Bear Grizzly Recurve and see what has sold in the past 30 days. From left to right: The time now is Finally, in August the famous Bear Take-Down recurve went into production.

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This book can still be found in used book stores and from book search services fairly easily. This prototype model Razorhead became known as the "Pinned Bear" due to the appearance of a "Pin-like" depression at the end of the ferrule.

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Inthe Kodiak special removed the leather grip and in the Kodiak did the same, as well as the Grizzly in The early Bowhunter Kits had a Western knife with real bone handle, and the. What do the serial numbers of a Bear Kodiak bow represent? These "Grumley by Grumley" bows are marked with a simple stamped signature "Grumley" either on the limb or on the riser, and are very scarce and excellent collector items.

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There are many features and changes applied by Bear over the years which will help you in determining your bows model year. Although not listed in the Bear catalog until for the first time, the Knife, Stone, and File set was being made as early as according to Al Reader.

The Bear Archery Company thrived in Grayling until when a strike at the plant forced the owners to move operations to Gainesville, Florida dating bear kodiak magnum the company remains today.

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Why then, if there are so many Bear bows out there, are they so valuable? The coins were all flush with the wood until The Grizzly also began production with the aluminum lamination, but very early in the aluminum was dropped due to the high reported breakage problems of these aluminum bows.

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Prior tothe serial numbers for all Bear bows were started over every month, making these bows almost impossible to date by serial number alone.