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I thought it might have a Latinate root, possibly relating to the measure of a vessel, or another exotic explanation a la Plimsoll Lineand now I learn it is a practical, recent coinage for a glass whose rims will not dating beer glasses in washing, most interesting!

The pint beer glass with many angles in it is something I think dates back to The tops of them are actually threaded for lids to leave no room for doubt.

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If I read the stamp correctly, means the glass was verified in Halifax. In Your Words Glass Jar. The blog is from a Michigan microbrewery http: You can still find glasses in our pubs although they are being replaced by the new EU datings beer glasses Only in quiet out of the way or some small country pubs can you still find glasses bearing the crown.

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Drinking from steins and beer glasses has several benefits than drinking directly from the bottle or the beer can, and this is evident from the rising consciousness of beer etiquette among beer drinkers across the world.

Whether you're shopping for Father's Day, a wedding, a housewarming, a college graduation or the winter holidays, pilsner beer glasses are sure to delight all of the beer lovers on your list. Could anyone tell me how old these are and if they have any value? Are you familiar with dimple mugs made in England and bearing the Ravenhead name without the Ravenhead logo?

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I wonder if he has any Crown stamped glasses left? A boot glass is shaped like a boot and beer is drunk from the top of the boot.

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I think all the flaws give it character. However it is depicted slightly differently for both Kings on letter boxes for example I think this is true for the crown used in weights and measures marks that were sandblasted onto pub glassware.

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Click OK to close the Options popup. I bought it because I like it and it is nice to know it does have some value too.

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The JD looks a bit like a rope. Even beer stein collection is as diversified as the beer itself. Wheat beer glass, pint glass, snifters, goblets, tulip glass, the dimpled mug that is native to Americaare household names when it comes to breweriana.

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Pint glasses hold about a pint of beer and can be about any beer glass shape. I think he is going to love it. You will find unique quality glassware here at True Beer.

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The same applies to the optics, also to petrol pumps and other equipment. It shipped in a timely fashion and was well packaged for protection.

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Etsy may send you communications; you may change your preferences in your account settings. The number varies depending on which agency has done the checking. If anyone has any information I would be grateful, thanks for your time. Age of the child I gave this to: Thanks very much indeed Paul, and well dome Kay — I would agree with you, the fact that your mug has clearly been well-used gives it extra character — if it could tells tales I am sure it would have some great ones. This glass makes a wonderful gift for groomsmen, or a guy moving into his own bachelor pad.

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I have numerous GR and oversized pint glasses.