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Whether you purchase high-end, museum-quality examples, or you delight in a doll which survived some dings and chips, collecting china big n beautiful dating dolls means entering in a world of history, fashion and fairytales. KPM Berlin dolls are distinguished by a red line on the edge of the eyelid, but no line in the eyelid crease.

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Japan - China heads. The earliest and rarest of the antique china dolls date from the s and were made by dating china dolls porcelain makers such as German companies KPM Berlin Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur c.

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Madame Rohmer doll mark label. Dating a china head doll takes research and experience, although there are a couple things that can help clue you in to the date of the doll. China head dolls are those dolls with head, neck, and shoulders also called shoulder plates made from china.

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No info on china dolls from countries other than Germany. The Standard Doll Co.

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Hairstyle with a middle part, wavy on the sides with comb marks, high forehead. These doll heads were often labeled only with easily lost stickers inside the heads.

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The earliest china dolls often depicted grown women. They are highly desirable and command the highest prices.

Red hair was not very popular: A typical dating china dolls doll has a glazed porcelain head with painted molded hair and a body made of cloth or leather.

What Is a China Head Doll?

Rare and elaborately decorated antique more info china doll dating can have value on the collectors market. Other factories were sold and resold, changing their names and their marks, but still making dolls and doll parts.

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China head dolls range in size from a tiny 3 inches to a big and very heavy 40 inches tall. If you have further questions about china dolls or dolls in general, you will find many knowledgeable people to ask on the eBay Doll Discussion Board. Our Pet C hina head dolls.

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Watch out for severe nose rubs as they detract from value.