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Dating cigarette tax stamps

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This information definitely narrowed the field as I tracked down the research. Zip Codes start to appear more on packs.

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Three years after graduating inClinton was admitted to the bar, became secretary to his uncle, George Clinton, who was the governor of New York. After no portrait except Henry Clay appears on a cigar stamp.

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Like all previous issues, the large denominations are almost never seen loose or on boxes. However, he later resigned in in order to serve as mayor of New York Cityand thus he served in that capacity with two brief interruptions until This printed date does not ordinarily appear on the tax stamp, often because it was faded away.

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A issue with no series number dates between and Tax Stamp and Health Warnings. Upon removing the lid of the tin the dating cigarette tax stamps of the tax stamp can be seen clearly.

Starting in Series blank base designs were created for both the vertical and strip stamps, enabling tens of millions of identical blank stamps to be economically printed in mass runs. Ryan did an amazing booklet on Canadian Tax Stamps in terms of meaning and history.

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This over-stamping continued until in the stamps were taken out of circulation and the excise stamps were no longer used. As can clearly be seen in the photo below it is a match to the torn stamp in the photo above. All issues are rare. The issue of is easy to recognize at a distance.

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There distinctive stamps are the last long cigar strip stamps a strip stamp is a horizontaland marks the Late Golden Age, the years just before World War One. Those last two digits can often be read even on severely damaged stamps.

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Knowing that the stamps were over-stamped after March the tin I have would thus have to be pre-March of that year. Wars require money and willing young men, and the US Civil War was no exception. This issue is frequently found with readable rubber stamped dates. Tax stamps were issued in rolls of prepaid amounts to the manufacturers of the tobacco products.

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Inspectors were no longer required to hand sign the stamps. January 17, at 2: The stamp catalogue said that this particular black stamp was rare.

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The last Series to be printed on stamps was Series which was used for four years. The 12, 25, 50, and dating cigarette tax stamps printed in black ink on various shades of blue-green paper. Pictured are two of the different stickers issued by both the IRS and large cigar factories infollowing a rare tax reduction in March of that year.


Lucky Strike Green from The size is about the only thing that remains the same when World War II taxes cause a complete redesign. If you know where to look, reading cancelation dates on light or blurry imprints is a lot easier. This was done to save the silver foil for the war industry. This set is widely available to collectors today because excess copies were sold decades ago to the collecting market.

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