Dating hooters girl What It's Really Like to Be a Hooters Waitress

Dating hooters girl, who's stopped by?

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Like if my girlfriend lost her job and the first one that got back to her was Hooters all we have hereI would be like, "whatever pays the bills". I dating hooters girl be totally lying if I said that Hooters never led to stripping.

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The likelihood they will find a nice customer to fall in love with there and steal them away from me is non-existent. Messiahbolical- Follow Forum Posts: That's the role I took on when I put on the uniform.

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They add at least fifteen pounds and squeeze you in the worst of areas read: That other fucker I came in here with decides it's a dating hooters girl time to start hitting on her again and tries to steal the show. Were you comfortable with the uniform when you first had to wear it?

WTF, I've never even heard of this.

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Prescriptions, paperwork and car information littered the front seat -- I tried to keep my life organized, but it's nearly impossible when you uproot yourself every nine months for the next great adventure. Yeah, why in the world would somebody not?

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Do not make posts asking about a specific person's or group of people's actions, behavior, or thinking. But the joke was on him, because that job ended up lasting way longer than our relationship did.

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Join Date Mar Gender: Is there something wrong with Hooters waitresses? It's not a problem for me unless the schedule is consistent. My Interview with the Mayor! So how much did you have to pay?

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My Dad actually dragged my half-blind, enfeebled, ornery grandfather into one of these places and they treated him with respect and sat next to him so they could hear him and everything. It was never unclear to me what my role was going to be or what was expected of me when I was working there. I would get to jealous the first few weeks. Niceat least she's hot