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Dating landmark education

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Under the brainwashed condition, people forget our human rights and the freedom of choice. NO is a No, please respect that.

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It should be outlawed. Why do these dating landmark education people devote so much of their lives to this money-making scheme, because they are committed to changing peoples lives for the better. Thank you for your clear and precise should I say authentic??

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That's why, when a woman I dated told me about Landmark, my ears pricked up. I know there will be many who are disapointed maybe because it was presented to them in a way that didn't resonate with them or they were just not ready or open to recieving the information. Best thing I ever did.

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If you can persuade them to do something they probably don't really want to do i. So when another common friend does a good job at work, which I.

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Ross been willing… to take The Landmark Forum. I feel sorry for the people that get duped. The trust of the whole experience of it was underwhelming.

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Nobody likes being called on their BS. Landmark was the ONLY thing that has ever threatened our strong marriage, and thank God it is behind us now.

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It's no more a cult than a dating landmark education full of 70 year old church people who really love their gathering place are a cult. I read a lot of complaints about always being asked to bring guests to events etc.

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The center manager lives and breaths how many new registrations did we get, how many guests did we have. An interesting twist in Landmark's lawsuit was to assert the preposterous theory that the anonymous posts at the message board were actually all written by me through various contrived identities.

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You imply that Landmark doesn't care about the health of the people who take part, not warning people that a course that takes a long, hard look at one's life is not appropriate for everyone. Seems like this is a great way to get rich off of volunteer stiffs.