Dating lladro marks Lladro Trademark, Makers, and Factory Marks

Dating lladro marks

It is advisable to also read all my guides on Lladro porcelain, along with this guide.

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When buying online make sure the mark is properly described or photographed. A Lladro figurine can be dated as well as authenticated by the marking or trademark logo on the underside of its base.

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Lladro Bellflower Trademark The Lladro trademarks are well documented in other guides and elsewhere, so I am not going to repeat detail here. Unlike many other Manufacturers, Lladro collectors, in the main, do not seem to worry too much about about the age of the piece, with one or two exceptions perhaps.

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Copyright Bakertowne Valley, Inc. Where can I check prices or current values? The Elite Collection is also launched.

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The three finishes are: The painting, which is carried out by HIGHLY skilled, mainly Lady, Artists also varies from piece to piece, which is why it is said that no two Lladro datings lladro marks are the same.

Another Lladro backstamp that you'll see from time to time is the Lladro Collectors Society mark.

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The fifth Lladro stamp was used from around to It focuses on small, candle-lit "lamps" that dating lladro marks first used in the Victorian era to light dark hallways before the invention of gaslight or electricity. You can also what is dating chemistry the catalog for types of porcelain you are interested in: The first annual sculpture, called "Little Pals", can fetch several thousand dollars at auction due to the small number of members able to purchase it in the early years.

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Also available at Amazon. Only the very early Lladro pieces use trademarks prior to the blue bellflower. Starting with items such as vases and jugs, it wasn't until that they started producing the sculptures for which they are now most famous.

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In order to put their new knowledge into practice, they built a Moorish-style kiln in the patio of their parents' home. Lladro Figurine, School Days, 8.

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