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Flair Feel free to edit your flair to reflect the industry you consult in or program you're studying! Nov 9 - 5: I received no specific technicals because of my liberal arts background.

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I spent my first three months of consulting in a long-term relationship that ended, in large part due to travel constraints and him not feeling like I was accessible enough even though I was the one encouraging more communication when I was traveling. Plus, some offices will naturally have clients nearby so that you can go home during the week if you want.

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It's not that bad as long as you have friends in your homebase city to keep your social life going. This in turn provided the assumptions for her wedding cost forecasting model which factored in the latest head count estimate and the cost per person for food. Join us and get the 6 free lessons with 1 click below!

You can't have it both ways.

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Do men prefer slim women? Also let's not forget the potential war criminals that are working at our friendly dating llanelli airports.

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Ok now What dumb bitch down voted this? I am starting at Big 4 this fall, but is the tone on my butt and thighs all for nothing? It keeps them fit and in good supply of impromptu dates.

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I hope this gives you a sense of the mentality MBB consultants have and how they approach or have the option to approach nearly any unstructured problem, and structure it in some logical way. This page may be out of date.

You will know that you are dating a consultant if he:

Forum Topics New Popular Comments. They just dating management consultants success, confidence, swagger, basically attributes of alpha males.

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Investment Bank Interview - Toughest Questions. BUT, and this is very importanteverybody I know at MBB most certainly sees the logic behind this approach even if they would not use it themselves and many of them will use a similar logical approach to other aspects of their lives.

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She started with a list of everyone invited, estimated whether or not said person would bring a date based on their current relationship status, further estimated based on distance of travel needed what percent would actually make the trip to create an excel forecast model that estimated dating management consultants headcount.

Those people are more dead inside than the 5: Also the time people go out and hang out are on the weekend, which you dont work so there is no problem. I haven't seen the consulting lifestyle damage relationships, but it makes starting a new one something of a bitch.

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