Dating pregnant ex girlfriend MODERATORS

Dating pregnant ex girlfriend

He had told me before of their history and they broke up. I wanted to go back to him, and I'm still willing to give him a chance, but I pity the baby and the girl he got pregnant.

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People who chose to be in love have lots of emotions as a result, but the emotions isn't the love. When he found out he took some time to talk to her and decide what they were going to do, she still had feelings for him, he said he wanted to move on, he had met some one new.

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We're not engaged or anything but just talked about marrying in the future, when we've been together for longer. I would get out now before you get sucked so far into all this drama that you have no way out. While his ex may be a horrible person, the more likely scenario is he doesn't want to think about the baby that is coming, and you are a fun distraction. People should deal with this kind of drama on their own.

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It would serve them right, and maybe then others would, I dunno, actually pay attention and learn from their mistakes… Of course, the LW is completely innocent in all of this. Because no matter what he decides regarding fatherhood, be sure to support him in his desire for involvement or resolution regarding the child.

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Vegas SodaPop July 5,6: I am really in love with my boyfriend and we have talked about getting married but now I am worried about how things will work out when the baby is born. She sent me threatening text messages, showed up to parties where he and I would be, and literally spat at me one time in a fit of rage. Now that he managed to get one of you two pregnant, he wants to abandon his child.

People I'd worked with and were still quite close with. He had her move in with him, without marriage, got her pregnant, and now wants to dump her. They had no prior knowledge of each other until they met on the website. Because it would be a real struggle.

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He kept her from finding out about you by changing his phone number. He let all the people who are close to us know about us, his feelings for me, and his decisions. I was in a similar situation, 14 years ago now. So he has a child on the way but you're worried about you and your needs?

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Kim August 4,3: It sounds like you have a lot to learn about making smart choices so I say go for it. You and every dating pregnant ex girlfriend other person on Earth dating pregnant ex girlfriend strongly 3 months in.

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Lol your bf has a bun in the oven. Having a hard time picking a name? Figure out why he really wants the break and then decide whether you both have it in you to take on this struggle together.

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That's a massive red flag and makes me think he is making excuses for his behaviour. You've barely been through anything together. She got put straight VERY quickly.

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Let's play out best case scenario: Personal issues -internal problems and behaviors that cause you problems in relationships Non-Romantic -issues with family or friends. His new girlfriend believed I was nuts. It's been 3 months, it's really unrealistic to talk about marriage.