Dating site email spam Did he join a dating site, or is it just spam?

Dating site email spam, handing over your email address

They could do it without asking. Can profiles can be created with your email without your actual interference? Can you help us please. How can they get his phone number?

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I know, I did this to see if my husband was poor and innocent! And we'd use the email address to send and receive email--not even to any odd addresses at all. The next day literally I started getting tons of porn spam to my e-mail address.

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Now your emails will go into the Trash folder in Local Folders. Bear in mind, he has a laptop and a phone with access to the internet, however, he was probably too busy to bother me with said emails.

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You should snoop around a bit more to dating site email spam out the nature of these emails. I did not receive ANY of these emails while this person was away.

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I eventually had to get dating sites free south africa new email address as the spam was from all directions. This means that the spammers are getting axed and they are moving on to another ISP.

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There have been some ups and down over the years. It has become very stressful for me, as a Parent. Most sites, such as Facebook, allow images to be downloaded freely. My boyfriend use to watch porn, we have had several discussions on how I dont care for it, he agreed that he would not do that any more, that was over a year ago, but it still gets sent to his email.

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My boyfriend gets those emails and yes I get they are spam. Off-topic comments will be removed. Nothing is ever enough for him I even visit off the wall sites too like Fark. However, both Gmail and Outlook will collect all your old emails from Yahoo, so switching is not as difficult as it sounds. He got dating site email spam two days ago, and guess what?

My husband was on websites in Hawaii setting up our vacation, and he was using my e-mail address to confirm business transactions.

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Email it to Ask. Switching to an alternative free email service such as Gmail or Outlook has an obvious disadvantage: Download right-click, Save-As Duration: You can only set your username once. Add your answer to the question "Did he join a dating site, or is it just spam?

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Guess what the many, many sites I surfed that were just shopping, gossip, news, yeah you get some but nothing like you do when you search out sex and all the sin that tags behind it!

Every country he visited they already knows him and the spams. I know I have a healthy collection of spam in my GMail spam folder.