Dating someone 4 years younger Would you date someone 4 years younger then you?

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Besides, I want to date a guy who is equally responsible, driven, educated, and cultured.

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If you need sex advice or have questions about love, you've come to the right place. Follow 3 I have a 20 year age difference with my SO She is older and we've been together almost 6 years, no plans of breaking up any time soon. The 10 worst moments in any relationship Follow Gurl, pretty please! I feel that we have a connection, but my worry about what others would say prevents me from acting upon it.

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And don't worry, we keep it all anonymous. We're basically like your sex ed class but with way more information, honesty, help, and first hand advice.

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Why or why not would you date someone 4 years younger. D but it would still be funny seeing a 23 year old with a 18 year old. There are plenty of men who are ready to think about marriage and kids at 26, but not with a woman who's desperate to rush into it.

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Taegukki Follow Forum Posts: That means you should be an awesome girlfriend instead of an insecure psycho who him to predict the future. Still, as more time goes on, that age difference will mean virtually nothing; you're not robbing the cradle or anything at this point.

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I do eventually want to get married and have glasses online dating, and whereas before I paid little attention to my own biological clock and didn't worry, now since I've turned 30 I'm becoming slightly more aware. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?

When I met him, he was more mature than I was! This is totally premature and a surefire way to dating someone 4 years younger him think you have baby rabies. My ex-bf was 28 to my 33 when we started dating and he is only my ex now because we decided a long distance international relationship just wasn't going to work. Europe, in the Land of the mean. Log in or sign up in seconds. We're still feeling each other out, and who knows if it will work out anyways. Again, all these ideas are based on stereotypes — primarily, that youth is one of the only valuable traits a woman possesses when dating, and that to take a pass on using it as a bargaining chip to find a more desirable mate is insane.

Geneally though it makes more since for a 30 yr old to go out with a 25 yr old. But, immaturity has been brought up. Ludwig isn't necessarily describing a younger guy; instead, she's describing a guy who isn't interested in a serious relationship, a kind of dude who comes in all ages. Please select… Accounting and finance study help Biology, biochemistry and other life sciences Business and management study help Chemistry Classics Computer Science and ICT Creative and performance arts Economics study help English study help Foreign languages study help General studies and critical thinking Geography and earth sciences study help Government and Politics History study help Law study help Maths Media and film studies Philosophy, religious studies and theology study help Physics Psychology study help Sociology.

I would say 19 would be my limit, when I was 20 there would be no way that I would date a 16 dating someone 4 years younger old, to me matchmaking manchester would just be wrong. And my cousin, who I really look up to, her dating someone 4 years younger is almost a year younger than her. I mean, wait to do certain things until she's at least 18 of course, but if you care enough about each other, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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All things pointed to a great relationship. Just annoyed by people and their comments about it.

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True I always like my guys 10 or more years younger ;-p. You'll also find important facts on girl's health and teen life problems and issues.

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I would not be surprised if I found out they didn't have sex since sometime before my 17 year old sister was born, and I'm sure that would be absolutely miserable. I don't see why this would be funny, as you probably couldn't tell the difference in age in most cases.

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