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Dating someone from class, reply to thread

Date someone from a completely different major.

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So to answer the OP, it's not always the best decision because break ups can be awkward when facing each other everyday. I don't understand the downside to this. Personal Statement Advice Replies: But regarding the topic, most of the girls I dated or hooked up with in college were from outside of class because seeing someone every day that you had a one night stand with is awkward.

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At the end of the day it is your dating someone from class. I know this is isn't something any one might take seriously, after all chances are some of you reading this probably have a crush on someone in your class, and if you had a chance to date them why the hell wouldn't you.

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I'm from a poor family. It makes for really quick on the fly meeting people, and it really works my social aptitude.

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The New Dating Requirement: Black Mesa Source still going to be released in ? I view home ownership speed dating waukesha totally out of reach for me, and I hesitate to get financially involved with him. What's up with that?

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There may be pressure to hang out constantly. View the discussion thread.

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Some people are more easily swayed than others. Awkwardness and Break ups Most young couples can barely be together without groping each other to death, so when your in class or the cafeteria you might not know how to act around each other. With two people in different areas of study, the possibilities for conversations are endless, and never boring.

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That is probably one of the worst feelings I could think of. I saw a lot of that in highschool and it was funny to watchlol especially when teacher doesn't know they broke up and puts them in group project "I know y'all like working together".

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Well, if you're in this situation I'm guessing you're pretty young so there isn't any hurry. If you're both mature enough, then you'll both be able to deal with the awkwardness when and if things go wrong. Doesn't matter if you work or go to school together or you met her at a store, if there's gonna be drama there's gonna be drama just try not to be a dick and be honest with her. That's what I found with my boyfriend.

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