Dating someone with piercings 24 Completely Logical Reasons Why You Should Date A Man With Tattoos

Dating someone with piercings

The one thing you should never order at McDonald's. I'm thinking of getting a belly button piercing this summer along dating someone with piercings my ankle tatt, but, I'm still contemplating that one.

You'll never get a job.

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Originally Posted by usayit Dont mind peircings nor tattoos Piercing Beauty 10 things to never say to a girl with tattoos 13 things to never say to the guy you're dating 17 things to never say to a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder 22 things NEVER to say to a single girl 17 things to never say to a girl with small boobs Blake Lively talks about a Gossip Girl revival.

Interesting story, sort of, I was at some house party when I came across this beautiful woman.

Originally Posted by amaysngrace. I think it's really unhygenic.

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Originally Posted by AprilFlowers Totally agree on the genital part, thats a big no go zone for me also! Hmm, why do I have tattoos and piercings? She is lucky I never did it because at this point she would have Cowboy marked out and below it have "John was here also".

Guys with tats are sexyy. Especially on the face. I had an 8g reverse pa for 9 years and I can tell you from experience it's not all its cracked up to be.

Plenty of people do like bemetalled women, so never mind.

Originally Posted by Maleficent Hmmm I'm looking forward to seeing people's answers to this. Here are 24 completely logical reasons why you should date a guy with tattoos: It also says ye without sin cast the first stone. Someone shoved a huge needle through my flesh So I can see it as long term relationship type stuff.

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Manchester, UK posts, readtimes Reputation: If he expresses himself with tattoos, he definitely has an artistic side. Why would you want to have lots of metal in your face? Not her, just the piercings. One day people will start questioning the wisdom of the craze, just like we're questioning the wisdom of Disco today.

I'm not a total idiot.

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I'd just wear clip ons because certain jobs are funny about piercings anyway. One of his most desirable qualities is his ability to find the beauty in the most abstract of places.

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I would not however, marry her, take her anywhere important to my dating someone with piercings, introduce her to family members, take her to a formal ball etc. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All times are GMT I'll explain it this way. Retired bank manager sets record for most body piercings.