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Dating teddy bears

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Of course it would be impossible to try and list all of the individual maker bears individual characteristics here See my antique bears pages for individual characteristics. Amber coloured glass eyes.

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This makes me wonder, what if a heavier woman approached you? But do those relationships ever end up going well?

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Often times the best thing for you isnt necessarily what your eyes and mind find to be appealing. Generally I'm more attracted to guys who are larger than me, either with muscle preferably still some softness or a little overweight.

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I, on the other hand, have always been obese and well, still am, morbidly so. The teddy bear boyfriend will do exactly that. My bear is 17" with articulated arms, legs and head.

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I'm very fit and small, dating a teddy bear type. Teddy is 10 inches from ears to paws, thin, about 3. Sadly there are no tags on either bear.

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Or you can check online with a site such as Millers who report the sale price of recently sold bears. This dating teddy bears was left on our doorstep for me when I was just a few days old Feb Stitched nose and mouth, which appears to be connected as one continuous thread.

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My wife never really dated short guys until me. Anyone can pique my interest. He was born inin Washington DC. Not rated yet Hi I inherited a long lanky Teddy Bear from my mom's collection of glass cased memorabilia she collected.

Teddy Bear Identification

I have a weakness for chocolate but not if it contains nuts, to which I am allergic. There are no labels and … Could this teddy be valueable for a collector?

Not rated yet Please help identify this bear.