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I was always considered low risk until my daughter died in my womb at 32 weeks, 8 months. As a registered sonographer, I can attest that most of the information out there regarding ultrasound is propaganda.

False positives are significant in routine ultrasound scans. I am in Chicago. I am preggo with my first.

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The big paradox here is that OBs ought to practice evidenced-based medicine that is consistent with current ACOG guidelines. We will confirm the presence of a heartbeat in your baby and measure the heart rate.

Risks of baby ultrasound: Safety has not been proven

So is a doppler really that bad? At 12 weeks we dating ultrasound risks out the baby had an omphalocele. This early ultrasound can provide dating ultrasound risks that everything is progressing normally. They were not able to pick up downs on the ultrasound. In theory, the reason why I was having these sonograms was that I had a few risky conditions: When we went in for the first appt and my midwife could not find the heartbeat.

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Ever heard of TTTS? My gut tells me to decline these as well and do daily kick counts instead. If you want a first-trimester ultrasound to confirm viability, determine number of babies, or measure for dates ask your primary care provider to do it himself.

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Do we have evidence to suggest that this intervention is saving lives, changing outcomes, and that it is safe? Please empty your bladder 1 hour before your appointment, drink 2 glasses of water and try not to empty your bladder again until after your appointment. Rose Aug 16 at 4: I used to feel a little like you, being a natural mom and all. OBs are trained surgeons with skills needed to save the lives of complicated pregnancies.

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Why Did Ultrasounds Become Routine? A whole team of specialists was present at his birth because we knew in advance he would need back and brain surgery almost immediately. My doctors missed my partial molar pregnancy at the 12 week scan.

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In one study involving women at high risk, almost 10 percent of scans were uncertain. Kara Jul 25 at 9: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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If baby is more than days bigger or smaller than expected you may get a revised due date but remember, due dates are just guidelines! His spine was forming outside his back in a very fragile bubble. I had a ultrasound at 6 weeks and I am very concerned and worried after reading this.

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It is obvious that the mom you choose to quote have never had pregnancy problems. A review of outcomes literature condemns ultrasound when used for datingsecond trimester organ scan, biophysical profile, amniotic fluid assessment, and Doppler velocity in high and low risk pregnancies. I hope that when the blood supply to the baby is below baseline and retrograde and the baby essentially dies from the lack of blood supply that you can live with that.

I was going to opt out but decided to get the 20 week anatomy scan after encouragement from my husband who wanted to know the sex.