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Dating versus marriage, dating con: less stability in relationships

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I do think married women tend to make generalizations about husbands vs. The facts are wrong. This fear and insecurity explains why these women get very upset when the topic is discussed.

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Where are those Other Fish in the Sea? My recent post College Dropout No More. Thats a silly false security that women get when they get married.

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What I don't understand is how married women, marry boyfriends who didn't already do the datings versus marriage listed above.

I'm a wife but I don't need a ring or the piece of paper to know how my husband feels about me.

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I don't think you are right. Thank you for visiting. Yes, the divorce rate is high, and our culture has removed the value of marriage, but you know what?

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Meet Singles in your Area on match. There is and always has been a difference.

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Comes down to different strokes for different folks, I think the most honest answer is that marriage is battling to keep up with this ever changing modern world. Mr Albert john- USA: My names Bobby but my girlfriend has been calling me Bubby ever since we got together 4 years ago,and its grown on me.


If he decides that this is not what he wants he can leave and he has every right to. There's things that I simply won't tolerate as a wife that may not have been brought up as a girlfriend. I don't get why single women obviously come to a married woman's blog and get salty because she has the dating versus marriage of guess what…. That is not the case when one is married. Yours was with ur husband.

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I feel marriage is a sence of maturity and a way to commit your love of detication,so I think thats the only difference.

I don't mean to sound "snobbish," but I feel as though marriage is the ultimate level in a relationship, and it's a level that I feel as though I need to be at with my fiance.

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Woman these days will just accept anything from a man, just to say they have one. I know many women over 50 whose lives have been miserable or unhappy due to poor mate choice. Marriage you can't run from or take a break from. Bianca del Rio says: Marriage is revolved around religion. My husband was all of those things as a boyfriend, and even more so as a husband.

#2 You have a whole new family you did not ask for

Grumbling when you receive gifts because you are supposed to be saving for a new roof but you still appreciate the gift anyway. With all that I said just take in to consideration that a companionship is way deeper than paper and rings. If your great, your great.