Dating vintage revere ware Revere Ware

Dating vintage revere ware

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Copper Maid was another economy series introduced in I use them every day as well as other pans I have collected over the years.

Other lines introduced to expand the Revere Ware dating vintage revere ware were the heavy duty Institutional line, substituting Stainless Steel handles for the bakelites.

Maybe Ashley left it at my house, in which case Annie should come and retrieve it!! The main series has always been the line, featuring the classic curved, smooth knurled bakelite handles, stainless steel walls and copper bottoms. I can't say that my cleaning experience is always as easy as Johnc's, but since it is stainless, it will clean up with more agressive methods without damage.

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Featuring far thicker copper cladding and steel walls, items produced prior to are the pieces most collectors seek out. She cooked dinner in them when I was kid and still uses them today.

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I always think I will buy some newer cookware but never have although we have about every other kitchen gadget there is. Initially Revere Ware was the culmination of various innovative techniques developed during the 30's, the most popular being construction of Stainless Steel with rivetlessly attached bakelite handles, copper clad bases and rounded interiors for ease of cleaning.

Revere Ware double boilers and steamers come in three variations. This surface facilitates the ease of omelette preparing.

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Retrieved from " https: Retrieved October 23, Why did my freshly purchased navy beans take so long get tender? Compumom My mother also had Revereware and I know it wasn't as difficult to clean up as my recent experience with AllClad-type pans. I use both sets all the time now that we are in just one house.

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I have my Revere Ware from The bakelite handles were changed from two piece to one, and the thickness of utensil walls and copper cladding were reduced. The series would be sold untilhaving some cross over with the Designer's Group products introduced in Notes on Specialty items: It was the "Gold Standard" of American cookware, at its peak offering 39 items simultaneously counting lids as separate pieces across 12 distinct utensil types. One does have a little dimple on the bottom, but I still reach for them once in a while. Gooster My mother had these and I recall the cleanup was pretty OK.