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I didnt read any signs of interest from them in your post, and Maria might've been acting aloof because she got the vibe from you that you were interested, and she wasnt Did he really do well, or did the fact that you liked him grease the skids? Read this before posting Follow reddiquette Guide: If it was a current student, then yes, what you said about power dynamics would absolutely be true.

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Your school university most super definitely has an explicit policy on these kinds of relationships, and plenty of precedents as to how they have dealt with them in the past. That doesn't mean it will affect your professional standing, but it will probably get gossiped about. YMMV Be prepared for gossip and the raised eyebrow.


This thread is closed to new comments. There are millions of single, attractive people in the dating pool. Now I am kind of thinking that this fact may change some people's ideas about whether this is "creepy" or not, but I originally hoped that the dating your ex student would be the same regardless of gender. So whether you are seeing a former teacher or just want to know what it dating your ex student be like to do so, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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You might begin to question whether they had those same feelings about your child during their teen years. I'd be somewhat-to-pretty creeped out.

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All of them ended well, even if they broke up. That's not how partnerships work, you need to be equals in a marriage. In any other situation, the teacher is exercising the power of their position over the student, and there is a risk of some degree of coercion involved.

Last Thursday, I ran across a former student, Anna, who I had known since she was a young girl in the second grade.

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And this includes writing her a letter of recommendation. If you are madly in love I usually grade students slightly harder when they're really smart like, an A- instead of an A because it pushes them to take their work to the next level and turn in a better second draft I allow paper revisions for higher grades up until the very end of the semester.

I believe they started dating before she graduated, and got married a few years afterwards.

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Age differences don't really bother me, and for some reason, I have always been more successful with 20 somethings than with 30 somethings I need to look into that. Would it be a sensible expectation that a college professor should be required to seek a mate from among the less educated, or from a remote town? I'm a professor at a research university; I do not see any problem with what you're proposing. If I was 40 and ran into a year-old who happened to be a former student, where is the immorality rub?