Destorm power and liane v dating The relationship of DeStorm Power and his son Tayvion Power revealed. Is Liane V DeStorm's wife?

Destorm power and liane v dating

Liane V was previously associated with actor and Vine star King Bach.

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T and Kanye West in different webisodes. His channel, DeStorm, has more than videos which, together, have been watched more than million times.

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It is unknown whether Power is married to his girlfriend or they have already been divorced too. This young star is also an actor, dancer, and comedian. DeStorm has almost 2million subscribed users on his YouTube channel.

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He later relocated to Los Angeles, California along with his family. He was even invited to an Olympic Trials one year. DeStorm Power is an American online personality, musician, comedian, and motivational speaker.

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He uses his popular online channels to showcase his musical endeavors. But the caption was intended to highlight the comic tagline of the video itself.

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Early in his career, he worked at a number of record labels including Universal and was also a notable track and field athlete in the triple jump event. At the age of 15, Tayvion is one of the top teenage Vine personalities, reaching 1.

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About 1 year ago. He was raised in Washington D. This family, although with huge online presence, has kept quiet about their affairs.

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Power has amassed more than 6. SinceDeStorm began creating videos on the Vine social network platform.

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Is Liane V DeStorm's wife?