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During the proceedings, your spouse claims that you misrepresented yourself right from the beginning, and -- surprise! Congress is poised to vote on extending or reforming NSA surveillance powers in the coming weeks, and one issue has risen to the forefront of the fight: Has your digital data ever been used against you?

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Few journalists have achieved the impact and recognition that Steve Kroft's 60 Minutes work has generated for over two decades. They're worried that [consumers'] reaction will be, 'That's creepy.

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And all of this can end up in a file somewhere that's being sold maybe to a prospective employer. It could include, and did in this case, include things like Facebook usernames, Twitter usernames, birth dates.

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What time you leave. Those policies, she says, aren't reassuring.

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Gaping security holes riddle popular mobile dating sites-still. Rockefeller says he is do dating websites sell your information stonewalled by three of its biggest players: Only five people responded, none of whom knew their profiles were for sale.

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According to BetaBeat, Badoo, Match. For clients concerned with seeing coworkers on a dating app or site, I usually suggest they rethink this worry of theirs.

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So it can be fairly detailed in personal information that is contained within a contact list or address book. Kroft delivered his first report for 60 Minutes in Today we look at how data-tracking companies are monitoring your online behavior.

Dotted lines show information flowing between them.

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White label databases are often used to pre-populate niche sites. Among other features, a discreet button on your necklace or bracelet will notify an emergency contact of yours that something isn't right, and send them your location via GPS.

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And almost all of it is for sale, especially any personal information that you might volunteer. Changing Lives Through Music. That's the whole point of these dossiers.